Potential Server Issues - August 9th 2023

Potential Server Issues - Resolved

We have been made aware that our provider is experiencing networking issues in their data centers, which is resulting in higher latency.

You may notice Infinite Flight will take a bit longer to load until this is resolved.

We will post status updates below as we have them. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Status Updates

  • 11:45 AM+00:00 - We have been made aware of this issue and we’re currently investigating. Loading Infinite Flight may take longer than usual but there shouldn’t be any full outages.

  • 12:15 PM+00:00 - The supplier hasn’t provided any extra information, but we are aware this is primarily affecting users in North America. We are seeing stable stats for the rest of the world.

  • 1:42 PM+00:00 - The supplier has marked this issue as resolved, and stats are looking good on our end. Clear skies!