Potential problems with ATC?

Hello guys and gals!

I’ve been using IF for a while in offline mode. Recently upgraded to online.

I’ve watched videos on YouTube of others using ATC and getting used to what to say when and where.

I’ve tried using ATC and I don’t get any answers when announcing I’m ready for taxiiing?

All I get is this?

I’ll announce and announce but get nothing in return? I can hear others getting announcements but not me? I’ve even had then state my intentions but nothing.

Could someone please point me in the right direction or let me know what I’m doing wrong?

Thanks all! Happy flying.

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Hi there - that is because you are communicating with Unicom - that means the airport you are at doesn’t have someone operating ATC - Unicom is just used so you can let other aircraft know what your intentions are.

Airports with active ATC will have green letters on the radar and if you tap on it you should be able to see the frequencies that are open and who’s the operator. Hope it helps.


That is because you are on Unicom. A Unicom is a self ATC system to coordinate yourself among other pilots in the airspace when there is no controller present. If you look on your messages closely, you see that you are saying San fransico ‘unicom’.

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Make sure you watch other tutorials here on the official Infinite flight YouTube channel.

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Welcome to the community, hope you have a nice stay :)


Hello Sir no you arent doing anything wrong. When there is no more a person holding a frequency or acting as an ATC, the computerized ATC activates. Which will give you no respond. However you should be reporting to the Unicom so that other pilots are aware of your position and whatever you are intending to do on the map. :)

And just to clarify some of the confusion, at 17:26 there was somebody on ATC, and theyve gone offline in the following 60 seconds and you didn’t realise. That’s when the airfield switched to Unicom. That’s why you initially received a ‘say intentions message’ at 17:26, then from 17:27 your broadcasts started [automatically] saying ‘San Fran Unicom, N202YE…’


Very good point, sir! :)

Tip: whenever it gives you the option to " request Taxi " that means there’s ATC

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Guys. That is absolutely fantastic!

Thank you so much. I’ve seen the video but just going to give it another watch!

Thanks again everyone!



Anymore questions feel free to ask.

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