Potential mid-air collision between Air India and Vistara planes avoided

All I have to say for this is that it’s a good thing what could have happened didn’t happen. Speaking of such stuff, how often does it happen?

Sounds like a TCAS RA event. Mandatory compliance is required for TCAS RA events by following the call out instructions.

Interesting that it gave the lower aircraft the climb instruction though. (Vistara 27100ft (??? can’t they keep a flight level?) and the Air India 27000ft)

I can only ASSUME that the Vistara aircraft was probably descending through the level of the Air India Aircraft and thus already had a rate of descent on.

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Shesh, what is going on in 2018


Oh my gosh… already, one disaster in 2018 and one within 100 feet

My god, 2018 is not off to a good start at all! Luckily this one was avoided


100’ is just the vertical separation, TCAS will provide greater separation than that in actuality. The press love to use these figures though.

I have had at least 10 TCAS events in the past 4-5 years, they are not uncommon. As the airspace gets more and more congested the occurrence rate will increase. We train for them in the Simulator every check and every event is followed up with a detailed Air Safety Report.

The event ‘sounds’ worse than it probably was thanks to the hyperbole of the press.


I think this is the second. Remember seeing another topic like this, although I might be mistaken.

I agree…the rate of airprox is getting higher day by day and I have atleast seen six articles on this already

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