Potential loading screen?

So I was making thumbnails for my YouTube channel when well I ended up taking one shot of one of my favorite liveries and possibly airlines in North America, Air Canada. The Canadian Rockies make for some great screenshots and this one was no different. After looking at it, I think I have made a loading screen, don’t you think?

Server- solo
Plane- Air Canada B77W
Location- just west of CYYC


i think you have to submit the photo to the discord but i may be wrong.

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Already did lol. Just wanted to share it with all of you

ah ok,

9/10, its very similar to the 777 picture on the App Store, so if it was a bit of a different angle/plane it would be more different. I like unique pictures, but the photo is very good.

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Very nice picture…. But for some reason, I could’ve sworn a very similar pic was used a few years ago as the loading screen… I may just be making that up though.


Probably was as mountain shots are some of the most popular shots for people to use as a loading screen