Potential Features for Infinite Flight

Here is a list of potential features for IF. I have provided a link to the forum post for each one. Please tell me if I have missed anything. I will only include things with 100 votes or more.


Airbus A330 Rework
Airbus A350XWB Family
Airbus A380 rework
ATR-72 Family
Beechcraft King Air 350i
Boeing 737 MAX Series
Boeing 747 Dreamlifter
Boeing 757 Rework
Boeing 767 Rework
Boeing 777 Family Rework
Bombardier CSeries/Airbus A220
Embraer E-jets rework


3D Buildings
City Lights
Cloud Layers
Improve airport & ground lights
Taxiway Lights


Aircraft Systems
Landing/Taxi Lights illuminate the ground
Massive Engine Sound Overhaul
New Cockpit UI Idea
Tail Logo Lights
Truck Tilt
VNAV - Vertical Navigation


While very organized, what is the need for this post? The exact same information can be found by checking the #features category and sorting topics by votes, I believe.

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