Potential Etihad A380 Return

Recently this tweet has been making the rounds in aviation news:

Given that other airlines are reintroducing the A380, do you believe this news is true/this is a possibility in the near future?


If there is one airline that isn’t bringing the A380 back, that’s Etihad for me. On the other hand, they have reported their first profit in a very long time recently and slot-restricted airports like the ones mentioned in the tweet might make this viable.

I won’t believe anything until an official statement in the case of Etihad.


According to some sources, the person who tweeted this has in the past been reliable with updates and has information from Etihad.
However, as of now, Etihad refuses to confirm anything and says it depends on the economics.
But you make a good point about slot restrictions for example at LHR, currently EY are doing 5x daily 789s so the A380 might make sense there.