Potential Bug

When I am flying and receive a FaceTime or phone call the application crashes after the screen appears. I think this may be a bug of some sort and needs to be addressed.

Because IF doesn’t support receiving calls or FaceTiming while flying.

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Are you on the actual call while flying or do you have the call in the background of your flight?

Well that may be true but my ICloud is connected to my iPad so I get calls and Face-times on my iPad always crashes.


The problem is that the app is being put in the background. The app isn’t crashing, the OS is killing it. We can’t control that.


What is OS exactly?

Operating system.

iOS / Android.

Check it out tho its very frustrating.

Huh interesting.

Put the device you’re flying on to Do not disturb and it won’t happen.

As i said, we don’t control this. This is iOS.

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Ok thanks just making sure! Great work over there.

You can still receive calls while on Do Not Disturb if your phone is on. I always have it on.


I might also add close any apps you have in the background, that might give you that little bit of ram you need to have them at the same time. Though that’s far from foolproof, but closing things in the background is never a bad idea.

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True thanks!

Don’t just use that though. Definitely put on do not disturb, that’s virtually foolproof. IF is probably closing everything in the background with the large amount of resources it take up anyway.

Agreed with @KPIT. Use do not disturb when flying and if possible, put IF in a game center ( i you have) to atleast reduce the cases of calling.