Potential Acrobatic Team

After searching the IF forums, I noticed that there are no VAs that are similar to the one I’ve been thinking of starting. I’ve been wanting to start an acrobatic team that would fly mainly SR-22 aircraft in formation and perform air shows for the viewing pleasure of the IF community. In order to start this team I need you to answer the following questions.

• Have you seen an acrobatic team similar to this idea?

• How would we coordinate everybody in a formation flight?

•Do you think that this is a good idea?

If I did start this acrobatic team, then I’m not sure how often we could practice/perform. We might could practice every Saturday, and have shows every month. Thank you for taking time to read my post. I am always open to suggestions, and if you have questions, then please feel free to post them in the comments or message me. Once again, thank you!


There is the Infinite Flight Cobras, an aerial demonstration team that flys fighter jets in multiple displays.

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This team would fly the light sport SR-22. Thank you for the feedback though. 🙂

Besides getting ghosted by the system for doing aerobatics in the vicinity of an airport, it’s great!


We can do it on the casual server.

Also would hardly call the Sr-22 a light sport.


They called it a sport aircraft in my ground training course, mostly because it has a powerful engine

I would recommend using some type of voice communication app to communicate while flying. Will be similar to having comms in the aircraft. May make things a ton easier. There are a few apps I’ve seen people using but can’t think of them off the top of my head.


Zello would be my suggestion


That’s a great idea, thanks!

ok lets do that
is someone who want to practice now with me, via this topic communication, at ksan in the cirrus?

Lol different timezones bro

Are u on any channels? Username pls? 😁😁

Does anyone have any name suggestions?

its my time 16:33

who wants to practice with me (communication on this topic)

sorry communication on private topic

I can’t right now, but do you have any suggestions for the name, I’m thinking AeroSync Acrobatic Team

thats a good name

can anyone practice with me?