Potential 29 squadron VA

Hello everyone!

I was wondering if people would like to see a RAF 29 squadron VA. This squadrons main goal in real life is to:

  • Take down hostile aircraft
  • QRA
  • General RAF duties

Would people like to see this? Please let me know below what you think :)

Here is some more in depth info

Happy flying


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You’ll probably want to check out IFAE GAF as they have all RAF squadrons.

Thanks mate! Will do.

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Looking forward to welcoming you onboard @DeccyB

We are currently operating under 11 Sqn out of Coningsby. Should numbers permit, we can expand and introduce another fast jet Sqn.

Oh by the way, 29Sqn is the OCU - Operational Conversion Unit. Is takes pilots from initial fast jet training and gives them a type rating on FGR4, along with other courses such as the Qualified Weapons Instructor Course, QWIC.

They dont perform QRA or “take down hostile aircraft” outside of Exercises as they’re not a Frontline Squadron.

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Thanks so much @Mags885 if you would take me I would love to expand this squadron. :)

Head over to the thread and apply bud, my recruitment team will get hold of your application to get you in.

Thanks 😄 cant wait

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