Posts that are deleted

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Post them on one singular thread not make many storage is not cheap especially for our large forum.

As for TL3 dong ask it drags it on longer and will not get you anywhere.


The proble is every post

Review these please


Thats not how you reach TL3, you have to be chosen. Making 50 posts a day is not gonna help, cause its just given the staff more work to do.

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I just checked your recently posts. The questions you have posted can be found in other topics. For example, you posted a question about next update. The 21.1 tracking Thread is for you to get the things you want to know. However, before next WIP sneak peek is out, the thread will be closed to avoid spamming.

Thanks for your understanding

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You making topics about random or questions that already have threads is just spam. This is why mods are closing your topics. I would dm them if you are still confused they can explain better because they are just enforcement the rules.


Hi! I’ll PM you with a little explanation and help for the rules of this forum.

Thanks for the comments/help everyone!