Posts Seem to Not Be Loading


I don’t normally make these topics, but I’ve been experiencing some small issues with the IFC. After new replies, or just replies in general, I am seeing posts as if they are just loading, even though they’re not even there to my knowledge. And to confirm that they’re not real posts, the sidebar says 8657/8657 new replies. Just to restate the issue: new replies are shown, but there are several posts that won’t load below that, which don’t seem to actually be there. I am having to scroll down though 10-20 loading posts to reach the “reply” button.

I have provided a screenshot of what is happening below.

This only seems to be happening on the “Guess the Airline and Aircraft” thread.

Help would be appreciated, as this is the first time I’ve had this issue.

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It probably has to do with the size of the topic. When I am at home with my slow internet I experience that from time to time.

The irony of posting a topic to talk about topics not posting is funny.


Yes it is pretty ironic. 😂

My WiFi is fine, so yes it might be the topic size. So I’ll keep an eye out if it gets better or worse as the topic gets even bigger. Thanks, @Chris_S!

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Ive also seen odd things happen if you havent logged out and back into the IFC in a while. Good to do every now and then.


I’ll try that as well. Thanks again.


Update: Problem solved, all back to normal.
This can be closed now.