Posts needing approval by a moderator

Lately when I make a topic it says it has to be approved by a moderator, this has only happened before I was a Basic now I am TL2 and this is now happening again, Can someone tell me why?

I believe this is in the #real-world-aviation category, this is to see if your post is acceptable and up to standards


Yes it is, but I have made topics in that category before and this hasn’t happened.


It is a new trial thing that the mods are doing, read more about it below.


Man that’s kinda disappointing because there are several RWA posts being made at the same time so the moderators Might take hours to get to it, I don’t blame them though, I am just saying.

Keep in mind this is an Infinite Flight forum and the fact that we have RWA is a privilege, not a right. If you want to talk RWA, go to Flyertalk, Airliners, or whatever there is out there these days.

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Please see the highlighted post in this topic from Thomas. Thanks.