Posts for an IFATC Officer in training

The IFATC Education Group writes a lot, covering a wide range of topics. It can be a little overwhelming to try to sift through all 900 of our posts to find the things you want to learn about.

We wanted to offer you a collection of posts we feel anyone in training to become an IFATC Officer should read.

This is the type of information we wanted to know when we started and we’re sharing it with you. Share them with anyone in training to help get them properly aquatinted with a basic understanding.


A bunch of useful tips and hints. Definitely a good read. I can recommend it to everyone starting or already in the process to become officer.


Awesome to hear, thank you! :)

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Nice to hear!

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Thanks so much! I’ll be applying for radar training in around a month, so this is helpful.

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If you have any questions let us know and maybe it’ll inspire another helpful post. Glad they’re helping you! :)

IFATC (even though I am not currently a member) has influenced me a lot in a positive way in regard to my interest in ATC and has led me to apply to become an ATC in Germany. I am having my 2-4 day (depends on how far I come ^^) assessment center in 1,5 weeks! I hope to join again to further develop my skills, especially on the radar position!


That is awesome, good luck with your assessment!

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