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I saw someone tag @ LouiePeach, and in his profile, it’s says “-2 posts created”. Is this a bug? Screenshot attached


It doesnt really matter, does it?

Please stop making these random and otherwise pointless threads, its becoming a constant now.


I think its a bug.


Well not that much, but if they have no posts created, then why have -2 posts? It’s the only person with this thing.


I think it’s obvious that your favorite category is #meta. 😂


Also maybe don’t tag the person involved if they don’t want to be tagged. Otherwise, I am not sure.


It’s not a bug. That’s all I’ll say right now.


After doing my research, this is what I found:

This is a similar problem to this post.


For Future Reference: If you have any more of these questions in the future, please contact a mod instead of making an entire thread.


That’s one of many reasons it could be. It’s not that in this case though.


I’ll try looking into it, seems odd.


You don’t need to look into it. As i said, we know why.


Why don’t we just leave it alone? It doesn’t matter to anyone anyway. The mods & staff know why and they have their reasons. Just leave it be.