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I hope I’ve put this in the right category, lest I meet the IFC henchmen in charge of breaking kneecaps should anyone dare to destroy, with a single stray post, the entire infrastructure of the Forum.

Let’s sit down and chat, shall we? You see, this is a forum intended for open and cordial discussion about Infinite Flight in particular and Aviation in general. But lately, I can’t even make it to the second half of a thread.

Why, you ask? Well, because after the original post, the next, say, 10 to 15 posts are non-moderators racing with glee, giddy about the opportunity that has just presented itself.

They get to flex their Category-Cop muscles. No matter that they can’t even agree, there’s off-topic work to be done! “This belongs in RWA.” “No, it should be in Support!” “I think it should be in General!”

15 posts later, no one knows where it should be, but we do know one thing: the topic is completely unbearable to read and the OP has not had a single person actually address their post. All because the forum would collapse if one post finds itself in the wrong category.

Then we’ve got the Format Cops: “Nice post you got there, but please make sure you use exactly three paragraphs and include this bulleted list of info.”

The Trust Level Cops: “You have to be TL2 to even broach the subject of something you’d like to see added.” So, even though the user may have 300 hours of flight, they’ve gotta go through the process of reading the Keystone Cops’ greatest hits to get their Trust Level up to offer a suggestion.

The Duplicate Cops: “Erm, this is vaguely similar to a post made in July of 2015, try using the search bar, even though I could only find it by digging though hundreds of posts and trying innumerable different keywords to come across the vague duplicate, but it’s what I do…it brings me such joy to find that a post is somewhat similar to a post from 3 years ago.”

Beware though, if you do find that your post will be a duplicate, posting on the original post so as to avoid creating a duplicate will bring you in contact with the Necroposting Cops.

So, make sure you don’t create a duplicate, but don’t post on the original because that’s necroposting. Just sit at the fork waiting for a third option to present itself, I guess.

The point is this:

The forum has moderators. We all know who they are, and more importantly, we know who they aren’t.

I saw a post today with 11 posts, 10 of which were saying “flag this for moderation”. Why not just not post that and…flag it? Then the moderator, the actual moderator, can take care of it, and it doesn’t keep getting bumped.

Overall, I just find it nearly impossible to make it through the majority of posts because the percentage that stay on topic is probably less than 10, and I don’t think that’s hyperbole. The rest of them are just an unbearable avalanche of Keystone Cops arguing about where it belongs, whether it’s the right format or whether it was once asked 3 years ago. It’s insufferable.

People come here to read about IF and Aviation. There’s a saying in sports that the crowd doesn’t show up to watch the officials. Well, that applies here, too. We’re not here to watch mall cops bicker about protocol. The forum has moderators. Let them do their job. Let a regular switch the category. Otherwise, let the topic be about the content of the post, not about who can be the first to point out the flaws. It’s becoming impossible to read.


So, your angry about posts going off topic?


This is in the wrong catagory, also this topic was made 2 years ago, All jokes asside, great topic, our moderators moderate for us, we dont moderate for them, Great job @Tim_B but please make sure to add a few more paragraphs to your topic…


Um did I do something wrong because of I did I’m very sorry it was my first
live event

People the achieve the trust level 3 or Regular can move topics to the correct category so most of those posts are from people who are not TL3, we have more than 100 people who have access to moving topics so you should not see a lot of topics with this problem.

[quote=“Tim_B, post:1, topic:115993”]
“You have to be TL2 to even broach the subject of something you’d like to see added.”[/quote]
The majority of these reply’s are on general topics that either are feature requests or liv/va topics. We will tell a person who is not at the appropriate trust level why they cant post in the topic of their choice and how they can be able to post in said topic.

[quote=“Tim_B, post:1, topic:115993”]
“flag this for moderation”.[/quote]
Finally, back to TL3, Regulars can flag a post and it automatically hidden from other users, until a moderator has time to look over the post.

Yes we do have moderators but you have to realize that there are over 25,000 people on this forum, although the moderators do cover the majority of problems they cant stop everything. That is where the regulars help, they are a group of experienced and dedicated forum members here to aid the workload of the mods.


Very true Tim…I agree

I have no idea what you’re talking about


These points would be well taken if it were an occasional issue. But, lately, I find it to be every thread.

Moderators may be outnumbered, sure, but it’s that within 5 minutes, there are 10 posts all saying the same thing. If TL3/Regulars want to flag and assist, or occasionally make a suggestion, switch categories, whatever, fine by me (I’m a Regular, you might note).

None of that justifies the same subset of people cluttering every thread. Helping out moderators is one thing. The same guys pouncing on every post like starving pumas another.


Extremely well said. I joined just a mere twenty eight days ago, and I’ve witnessed, even on my posts, possibly everything mentioned in this article. Commendations, I hope people learn from this :)


An interesting phenomenon to point out is that most of those forum cops are either underage or lacking in esteem, causing them to move forward with a superiority complex to assert their authority.

While that sounds cold, it’s mentality 101. It also falls within some people’s heads that they should be doing everything they can to become a moderator, which, ironically, hurts their chances.

So, my observations are this:

  1. Any underage rules ain’t gonna work. Doesn’t help, either.
  2. A dose of cold, hard real world problems will douse the ego.
  3. Crush their hopes and dreams of becoming a mod.

Realistically, I find that some people tend to be a tad bit too touchy. The inexperience of some of our younger members makes them unable to figure out how to pick and choose their battles, often throwing their lot in something they can’t win. It just annoys anyone who has to be subject to their cop persona.

Age is the natural remedy for most people. Some, but not all. Once they see how fickle human life is, then surely their perspective will change.


Whilst I agree with you, on the other hand, is being over-verbose any better? Why use such complex words whilst you know that a large portion of the users on this site are of a younger age and may not understand. Are you trying to prove your age through words?

Are you trying to say younger members will not be able to comprehend such words?

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I don’t think it goes with what you’ve said, but we can also agree that the forum pilots has grown quite a bit. What I mean by this is that there are a handful of individuals that answer a question, obviously related to aviation, but have no clue what they’re talking about. I don’t want to get too far off track but you have brought up a valid situation/issue/whatever you want to call it.

Looks like we’ve got our first “Format Cop”. 😂 I think this was a joke, but not sure. Not exactly the brightest thing to do when he’s clearly calling people out for what you just did.

Tell me about it… 😒 I’ve had quite a few cases where I had steer an individual away from their argument only to tell me in a PM that they’re sorry. Yes, I agree that they are younger and may not know the difference between right and wrong, but they need to start realizing that this forum is not made entirely of kids. There are try professionals out there and something that requires an answer above your knowledge base, should be left to those that know the truthful and correct answer.


So… what you’re saying is that I’m wrong for understanding words?

I’m not going to write a children’s book so five year olds can understand. What you’ve done is collectively insult the portion of users you feel don’t comprehend my words. Verbatim in prose is something that people can either choose to understand or ignore.

The alphabet could be nothing, for instance. If the English language went in another direction, our idea of swear words could transform into normal everyday speech. It’s about communication.

All I’m seeing here is someone trying to start a fire out of nothing. People on this site are welcome to ask me any questions or inquire about things they don’t understand.


Nextime, we can just misspell our words, use improper pronunciation, and let all of our grammatical errors slide through our next post so that this forum can fit the childish needs of the forum. The words we use are not to say that we’re better than the younger folks. I’m 27, and when you get to my age, you’ll be using big words like a grown up. I had to learn what big and complex words were in order to go to college and get a degree. I had to use big words to get a job and live a successful life. But don’t tell us to use smaller words because it makes you guys look younger. If you don’t want to succeed in life or you don’t want us to make you “look younger” don’t read our posts. The forum does not evolve around you, that’s why it’s called the Infinite Flight Community.


To be fair, I used to overextend a bit in my younger days, which is a natural part of growing up. Once you get to be of age, you kind of start to realize that there are people out there who can give correct information and have the experience to back it up. Give a wide berth to those who can help people the right way.

For example, although some view the job of a dishwasher as mediocre, I know a lot about how the cleaning process works, how to load/unload industrial grade cleaning racks, chemicals, tray stacks, etc.


I totally agree, and like what some others have said, it falls down to the age demographic. App store games appeal more to the younger audience, mainly because it is more watered down version of the simulation. Personally, I don’t have a problem with this, as it brings more young minds into aviation, which we can all agree is a great thing. It’s more rooted in how kids are, to a degree, being raised with technology. Everything is so customizable, and relatively easy to get. I went to a college day event at my old middle school, and had a whole bunch of kids ask me what they should take in highschool to become a YouTuber when they are older. I’m not sure exactly how to fix this problem on the IFC, but thanks @Tim_B for the very well written topic pointing it out


This was very well-said, and long overdue. And in case anyone was wondering, a forum is defined as, “a place where ideas and views can be exchanged.”


Yep. It was a joke. I knew it was only a matter of time.

I have noticed that large part of these cops are people that should be playing cops and robbers… This comes up now and then, and it dies down and comes back up.

I have felt the need to put a disclaimer in my posts asking that if my topic is in the wrong category to just move it without the “wrong category” speech or lecture.

In the army we used to call this a p***ing contest, as a few members of the forum want to prove their alpha status and this is where the person with the fastest negative reaponse is the more experienced “forum member”

“Duplicate” “wrong category” are the new “first comment” -__-

Let’s not allow that YouTube comments stuff to creep in here.

You k ow who you are, stop it.