(Postponed) SAA Virtual Presents Operation Xmas: Part 1-Fill the Airport @ FAOR - 152200ZDEC17

*SAA Virtual Presents Operation Xmas. What is it? Well, SAA Virtual’s Operation Xmas is a series of events that will take place in the month of December. This series of events will have 3 separate events which are all completely different. Our first event will be Fill the Airport @FAOR. Here you request a gate, and fly any route you wish, departing from FAOR. Along with that some VA’s will be attending also. Why join this event, well these fill the airport events are the closest thing we have to reality and professionalism, also you get to discover South Africa and the rest of Africa while flying to your home country or to beautiful and stunning destinations. *

Server: Expert

Region: South Africa

Airport: FAOR

Time: 2000Z

*This will be SAA Virtuals 1/3 event for the Christmas holidays, where the other 2/3 parts of SAA’s Virtuals Christmas Series will be on Christmas the 25th and the special one on New Year’s Eve on the 31st.

In this first part of the Christmas, Series SAA Virtual invite VA’s and individuals who aren’t in VA’s to fill the airport at FAOR. The scenery in FAOR my not be high definition, but you get to fly to destinations that are. Depart from a realistic airport, fill will VA’s, different aircrafts, with all kinds of liveries, to high definition sceneries across the globe. There will most likely be ATC there, as SAA Virtual is working on partnerships at the moment. If you wish to do ATC, please PM me. Pilots who are not part of VA’s just request a gate that is not a VA gate. We encourage you to join us, as it will be a totally amazing experience. If any VA would like to join please PM me.*


VA’s That Currently Confirmed
@Owain_G South African Airways
@Matt British Airways
@anon22996832 Swiss Virtual
@anon2063420 Delta
@Chris_Hoover American Airways
@Iggydang IFSQVA(Singapore Virtual)

Gates will be assigned to VA CEO’s once they have confirmed. Pilots who are not part of VA’s I will send you your gate (Please include the aircraft and livery you want to use. There is also limited gates per terminal, so the first to request=first serve.)

Terminal A-(Most likely already Full)
-SAAVA - A04(@jdag2004), A05(@sparow),A06(@Melker16),A07(@Jonathan_limento), A08(@Emmanuel_Mgilane),A09(@Springbok777),A10(@Owain_G),A11(@Goran12) ,A12(@frecuentflyer) ,A13(@Imran)

@Matt BAVA-A03,A02,A01,A01R

Gates B -Full
@anon2063420 Delta VA -B01,B03,B06,B08,B10,B12

Gates C -787-8, 9 only

@Iggydang IFSQVA -C19, C21, C23

C03, C05, C07, -FREE

Regional Gates

Terminal B-Full
@Matt BAVA-E01
@anon22996832 Swiss VA -, E03, E06, E09, E12

Gates F
@anon22996832 Swiss VA-Cargo F06

@Iggydang IFSQVA- Cargo F03, Cargo F01

Terminal D
@Joseph_Krol Tailwinds Flying Club -Cargo D47, Cargo D45, Cargo D43, Cargo D40, Cargo D37, Cargo D34, Cargo D31, Cargo D28.

@Chris_Hoover American Airlines Virtual -Cargo D25, Cargo D22,

@Cpt.TC Cargo D77
@Ameru187 Cargo D17,
@Coolman Cargo D66,
@The_Porsche_Kid Cargo D12,

** Cargo D03A, Cargo D02**-FREE

G Gates
Cargo G07, Cargo G05, Cargo G03, Cargo G01-FREE

Happy Holidays and come spread your holiday spirits at SAA Virtual! Hope to see many of you there!




You may start requesting gates now.

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Can i have a gate please? SAAVA Springbok04/ IFC Springbok777 / IF Springbok203 heavy

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Gate 09 is yours @Springbok777

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Thank you sir @Owain_G


Hi can I have gate A11.

I have to wait for Matt to reply those gates are VA gates, and I am not sure which pilots from BAVA(due to ranking). Speak with matt first.

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Oh ok.

I will wait then.

But wait I’m in the SAAVA.

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which VA you flying for SAA or BA?

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Got to go.

Bye bye

Ok you have gate A11!

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Thank you.

And merry Christmas.


Hi how are you, can i have a gate assigned? I’m gonna be flying for South African airways

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Ok you can have gate A12 @frecuentflyer

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Remember there are other liveries/ airlines that go to South Africa, such as Ethiopian, Qantas, Air France, KLM, Lufthansa,Singapore, Latam, etc. So if your not in any Virtual Airline, and wish to fly the airlines mentioned above, I will assign you a gate.

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Gate for me, please? I’d like for a regional airline

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I’d like an SAA gate please :)


Hi Owen I’d like a gate as well please, Springbok 0307 Heavy


@Emmanuel_Mgilane you have gate A08, @Imran you have gate A13! Also SAA is now full.