(Postponed)Miami to LAX@ KMIA - 272300ZAPR20

Join me for a flight to the West Coast from the other coast. Reply if you are able to attend, Please tell friends if you can!
April 27,2020 -

Airport: MIA/KMIA
Server: Training

Departure runways: 27L

Spawn 20 minutes before the event begins.

Additional Info: Please don’t get close as it destroys the realism. As I said about join at least at least. 10 - 20 minutes before.

Route - KMIA - KLAX

JOIN TONIGHT AT 7:00EDT (Someone tell me the ZULU time) , Tell your friends!

It is really discouraging that people view and don’t join.

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Don’t spawn 20 mins before!!! At least 10

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2300Z is that time put it in the title

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Ok! I thought I did. Maybe the keyboard glitched but ill do it!

No, I think its 0000Z.

0000Z is 8:00 pm est time

so like nobody joining :(

Try it. :) https://savvytime.com/converter/est-to-z

Yeah 2300z is correct. What aircraft and livery are we going to do this in?


I will join. But I can only fly for around 15 minutes or so. So I will takeoff and everything, than probably leave once at cruising altitude. See you then!

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Oh, sorry, I thought the event was at 8, not 7. Whoops.

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My callsign is Delta 15 Heavy and user is FlyDeltaJets

Delta B787-8

Ok, can we do it on expert or nah?

Training, I don’t like the expert cuz it aint as full

Oh ok then

See you then!

My Callsign is Delta 15 Heavy
Use: FlyDeltaJets


My call sign is N172MD, and my username is Ashton Gilbert. I will be in an American Airlines B787-9

Ok great! :)

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Can y’all convince friends if possible?

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