[Postponed]Landing Contest | Show me those greasers... @ KSJC - 151945ZJUN18

Hey IFC! @lucaviness here, callsign MAVERICK. Can you “butter the bread”? Do you have it in you to “rudder” the judges speechless? Most importantly, can you prove it? Sign up for one of only 10 open spots to prove to the community that you are the best! Now stop talking Luca, let this event “take-off”!

Server: Expert

Region: San Francisco Bay Area

Airport: KSJC

Date: TBD

Time: 1945Z

NOTAM: This event is available to only Grade 3 and above. In other words, only if you can access the expert server. We will take-off out of KSJC in a Boeing 737-900, make a quick pattern and then start landing. Please be prompt and respectful.



Judge 01: @lucaviness
Judge 02: @Delta_Alpha_Lima
Judge 03: @ERAU_Hatsune

Stand By Judge: position open


You will be judged on a scale from one to ten based on three criteria: smoothness, centerline, and technique. Smoothness is how smooth you touch down and how little adjustment you have to do. Centerline is how well you are lined up with the center of the runway from crossing the threshold to coming to a complete stop. Technique is your speed, flare, braking, etc. Once averaged out between the three judges we will find the overall score. This determines your placement. If you have an overall of 1/10 it just means others did better than you, not that your other scores averaged out to one. A spreadsheet will be posted following the conclusion of the event with all of the scores from each judge along with a video of everyone’s landings.


Gate 03: @NightDevYT
Gate 04: @SKY-TOM
Gate 05: @CooCo2_CooCo2
Gate 06: @Trevor_A
Gate 07: @Marshall_J TBD
Gate 08: @jakcharvat TBD
Gate 09: @SPB2727_Skyteam
Gate 10: @Eyaan_Qamar
Gate 11: @BigBert10 TBD
Gate 12: @AllegiantAir


  1. @Marshall_J
  2. @Kevinsoto1502
  3. open
  4. open
  5. open
  6. open
  7. open
  8. open
  9. open
  10. open

During the event your callsign will be "gate and whatever gate you are assigned in the format of “xx”. So, for example, @NightDevYT’s callsign would be “gate01”

More information to come for candidates upon sign up.

Thanks and see you in the skies,
@lucaviness, callsign MAVERICK

Title by @DeerCrusher in attempt to rid aviation of the term “butter.” :þ


Is this event tomorrow?

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No, it’s on June 15th.

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The format for events goes like this:

Day | Time (In ZULU) | Month | Year

So this event should look like this - 151945ZJUN18


If you would like to be a judge, PM @lucaviness . Anyone wanting to participate as a pilot feel free to comment your info down below.

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Thanks for the feedback. Will know for next time.

I want to be judge Since I don’t fly Boeing 737

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Me = Butter The Toast

I have a question… Are you going to upload pictures or a Video on Youtube with the winners? By the way I think I will join😄

Is that you signing up @NightDevYT?

Yes, we will upload pics and vids of everybody. I will make it a YouTube video with everyone and their ratings.

Oops, marked u down as contestant not judge. smh, sorry. You are now changed.

Notice: The aircraft has been changed to the Boeing 737-900. 

@Delta_Alpha_Lima @NightDevYT @ERAU_Hatsune @SKY-TOM

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Can I get a gate please?

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Yes you may @CooCo2_CooCo2 . You’re grade 3 I assume?

Notice: Please see "Gates/Callsigns" for info on what your callsign will be during the event.

@NightDevYT @SKY-TOM @CooCo2_CooCo2

Hey, KSJC. You know I would come around when KSJC becomes involved.

I’ll see if I am available on that day.

Hopefully so.

Fingers crossed

Awesome, thanks for your support!

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Is there a gate for me?

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Yup there is. Would you like one? And are you grade 3 or above?