[Postponed] IFCC Event #2 @ KASE - 161900ZJUL16

Server: Advanced

Region: Denver, Colorado

Airport: KASE

Time: 1900Z

NOTAM: All competitors must use the FDS livery (B737BBJ, B748, B772, A318, C750, DH8D)

Read the whole thread before asking questions!

If you want to learn more about IFCC, read this thread:

The first event was a great success so I am hosting another one. If you want to see the results of the first IFCC event, read this thread:

Welcome to IFCC’s second event which will be held in Aspen-Pitkin! As the NOTAM says you are only allowed to use FDS aircraft! Any other aircraft at the airport will be warned by the command ‘event in progress.’ This signifies that you should turn around and head to another airport for the time being. If you disobey, you will be ghosted after! An IFATC member will be there to make sure no unauthorized aircraft enter the airport airspace while the event is going on. Please make sure you read the event procedures below!
Your job is to spawn at airport and taxi to runway. Like you would in any situation, request takeoff clearance remaining in the pattern! ATC will clear you for takeoff to right traffic. Once airborne, you need to make sure that you stay within the airspace rings.

Make sure you sure you state that you’re on final and making a full stop. ATC will clear you to land. As you get closer, you only have one opportunity to perform a go-around. Again, make right traffic and once you are on final, state your position so ATC can clear you.

Anyone is welcome to come to participate in the landing competition, no sign up required. I reiterate, if you are participating in the competition, please use aircraft with FDS liveries.

If you want to be a spectator in this event, please use the Cessna 172 or Sirrus SR22. If you have performed your landing and want to watch the rest of the landings, exit the game, use the GA aircraft listed above and spawn back in. Add the word -SPEC to your display name if you are a spectator (ex. CptNathanHope-SPEC).

Thank you for taking the time to read the event info! Again, the event takes place Saturday, July 16 at 1800Z, make sure to spawn in at least 10mins before so we can get started exactly at 1800Z.

Any further questions, shoot me a PM! ;)


This time I will not be a judge. So I will try to attend this

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Good idea. I don’t need judges anymore

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Event is this Saturday, hopefully you all can join! :)

I don’t get why you are so into the complicated airports :/

It makes it challenging

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Not really…

Count me in, love the difficulty of approach, it appears and usually you are about 1000ft too high.

Hopefully make it.

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This looks fun. I’m in

Event is tomorrow! :D

I find it very cool but how will you know if they aren’t going to use APPR?

Appr doesn’t give the smoothest touchdown anyway.

I’m trust that they don’t use it.

Hey guys, I have to abide by the rules of IFATC, since I will be controlling at KASE. You can’t use heavy aircraft, in this case, the 777-200ER and 747-8i. This is due to the active NOTAM that bans heavy aircraft from KASE and KEGE.

Anyone with a heavy will be warned ‘aircraft too large’ twice, if no compliance is met, you will be ghosted!

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Even the 737BBJ and A318 are too large for KASE… Are there any specific procedures for this event since it is such a unique airport?

Usually when I fly here in IF I do a sardd three departure from 33, and then head to red vor for the roaring fork visual back to 15.

Real world procedures will be used. (33 deps, 15 arr) All aircraft except the 772 or 748 can’t be used.

Event starts in about 30 mins!

Another word: you will takeoff from runway 33 and do a “tear drop” pattern. You take off going ~330 degrees and turn between 015 and 045 degrees, go on a left down wind for 15 then do an extended base turn and turn to the intercept. This should be around ~120 degrees and you turn to final for ILS on 15. In the end, it should look like a tear drop if you use the liveflght radar.

when spectating where do i fly around?

going onto aspen rn