[Postponed] Fill the airport San Antonio Flyout@KSAT-272100ZJAN19


I guess that means i’m not doing ATC anymore. In that case I’ll take gate A3.


Unfortunately, sorry and thank you for trying. I’m sorry and see you there


I’ll take Gate B3 to KMIA pls


You got it, thanks and see you there


Can I get gate b8 to Newark


Absolutely, thanks and see you there


I’ll take A12


Sure thing, see you there


Gates are running out fast


I’ll take A5 to KMCO


Sure, you’re added thank you


Put me down for gate A2 Deltat A318 to KJFK


You’re added, thank you and see you there


I can take Gate A13. SWA 737 to KDAL


Sure, thank you and see you there


something happened to pop up around this time, i’ll have to withdraw. sorry


It’s fine I’ll remove


I noticed you said there is an AC E175 but I could not find it under the gates, so could I have that gate but change it to a Crj900 ? Thanks


Sorry about that, I can add you now and would you like an crj-900 or E175 because you can have one if you’d like


I would like the Crj900