[POSTPONED due to weather conditions, sorry] IFSFG AirShow LIVE STREAMING @ KHAF 221100ZSEP18


(AirShow Logo by @George_Flack)

Server: Casual

Airport: KHAF

Time: 1100Z

Welcome to IFSFG’s Big AirShow

This Saturday some of our IFSFG Members will do Air Show Displays above the Thornton State Beach, just behind KSFO and near KHAF, where are pilots will take off.

Enjoy the Show which will be broadcasted in our IFSFG YouTube Channel and show your own talents after the official AirShow (~40-50min) by taking off at KHAFand doing stunts/aerobatics above the beach.

NOTAM: A TFR(temporary flight restriction) has been set by @Tyler_Shelton (thank you once again !) for the displaying area. Please fly around or above FL100, if you don’t wanna watch the AirShow/show up after the AirShow.

if you want to spawn at KHAF from the beginning on, please chose a small aircraft, more GA, as it’s a small airport. If wanna show up with a big aircraft, then spawn there after the show or change after the show

Looking forward to offer you the best AirShow ever!

//@RonnyMartin - IFSFG CEO
//@Zaki - IFSFG COO
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I literally just noticed this now flying on the TS from LAS-LAX, was confused what a TFR was doing there! Have a great event


Please take that to a PM.

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As one of the managers of this event im very sad that I can’t come to this event as I had to pull out last min due to work. 😭😭😭
Hopefully in the future work wont interfere 😢.

I was hoping to put on a big display in the C130…Maybe another time. Sorry everyone!!


Can’t wait to see this tomorrow @RonnyMartin 🙂


Join us tomorrow if you want ;)

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Thanks Jason :) cu there!

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The TFR is up for tomorrow’s display. Unfortunately there is a bug which renders it on all servers that we have now fixed, though it won’t be fixed in app until an update.

The text specifies casual server only. All other servers can disregard!


Who can’t wait??

  • Me😜 - will see you there!!
  • Can’t come sorry!😥 -Another time

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I’ll try to stop by, but we’ll have to see if I’m awake that early. :D
By they way, is the TFR glitching? I don’t think it’s supposed to be this small…


Good catch, it’s not supposed to be that small
KHAF should be included

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Does someone know the duration of this event?

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Hello yes of course, about 40-50min the displays and then open end all others who want to show their stunts.

THOUGH, the weather conditions are very very bad around KSFO/KHAF, we will decide in around 7min if we have to postpone the event :(

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Yup can’t see a thing

Dear IFC Members, IFS Pilots,

with regret I must announce that we are forced to postpone our IFSFG AirShow, due to unfavorable weather conditions.

Instead we are suggesting, to everyone who wants, to make a flight with us, somewhere where is good weather :)

we are suggesting: MANCHESTER (EGCC) to MARSEILLE (LFML)
Please spawn in 5min we will pushback at 1100ZULU

Sorry for the inconvenience, we will announce soon a new date!! :)



Sorry, I won’t have time to stick around long enough for a flight.
But maybe I’ll stop by whenever the air show will take place.


You could fly to IBIZA also have good views and perfect to fly a GA plane or a small plane and good weather🙂
( it’s just a suggestion)

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thank you we could do that another time :) we had to make a decision quickly, are you joining us? :)

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if there I will be when they update the date
see you🙂

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I just have a little suggestion…

I’m not sure how schedules are in Europe, so this might not work.
But maybe have the rescheduled event begin at a later time? Even just one hour later could work (1200Z). 1100Z is pretty early for the US since many people don’t work on weekends (it’s 7 AM for the east coast/New York and 4 AM for Los Angeles) so they don’t bother to wake up this early. Starting it one hour later would be more convenient for western time zones, which might mean that your air show audience would be larger.

But it’s just a thought.