(Postponed) ATC at KJFK ... On Playground

Hey guys! Today, I will be practicing my ATC! Runway 4L for Departures, 4R for Arrivals, 32R for Departures, 32L for Departures.


Don’t have New York but thanks! Tag me again next tine,please

Am I allowed to come?

Sure, anybody can come! (I was just tagging the people who I REALLY want to come.

Ok. My Callsign IFIA091

If you’re still online in about 30 minutes I might can swing by for some patterns if you are accepting patterns.

Poll will open when I am closed

  • You did perfect, with absolutely no mistakes
  • You did phenomenal, with less than 3 mistakes
  • You did great, with more than 3, but less than 5 mistakes
  • You did OK, more than 5, but less than 8 mistakes
  • You didn’t do well, with more more than 8, but less than 10 mistakes
  • You did terrible, with more than 10 mistakes

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(Getting as specific as possible)

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When do you plan on closing? How long will you stay open for? I want to stop by but I can’t right at the very moment.

Sorry guys, I had to close. Be back later …

I think you mean 31L and 31R…😊

Correction: 31R and 31L

Don’t use filler, please.


Sorry can’t make it :(

Sorry I wan unable :( thanks for the invite!

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For ATC polls are definitely not the way to go, proper feedback is much better.


Tag me next time :)

You part of Infinite Flight Independent Airline?

Yes I am, I just haven’t yet finished my exams that’s why I’m inactive a bit. I’ll be starting by Friday.

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