[Postponed] Asiana Virtual Queen of the skies @ EHAM - 051500ZMAR17

Come on today and fill the skies over Amsterdam with the queen of Asiana’s fleet, the 747-400. Start from AMS and fly to anywhere you love. And more importantly, have fun!
Server: Expert Server

Region: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Airport: EHAM

Time: 1500Z

Date: 5th of March, 2017

NOTAM: Come with only Asiana 747 aircraft but you can fly anwhere and do anything you like with 'em. And most importantly, enjoy the event

Event starts in 33 minutes!

Yes. You coming? I think you should love it judging by your username.

Nope can’t it will be 9 pm in my area

Oh. Just a mistake. Because I first wanted to make it in Paris but it changed.

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Event postponed to let more guys join.

Change the title to 051500ZMAR17 from 051530ZMAR17

FYI its unlikely you’ll get more people than ones who come at the start.

When are you starting again? Title is behind

Hey, can anyone start an event? I’d personally love to start my own event but I’m not sure if you have to be a certain level or a dev or something

We’re starting tomorrow at 15:00 Zulu time

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