[PostPoned, apply in new thread soon] 07JUL20 / 1100Z Classic Aircraft, Classic Flight @ EDDF to VHHX

  • Aircraft and Liveries: Lufthansa B744, Condor DC10, Cathay B744, Lufthansa MD11f, FedEx Dc10F

  • Route: EDDF-VHHX (Frankfurt to Kai Tak)

  • Time of Departure: 2020-07-07T11:00:00Z

  • Server: Expert

  • Additional Information: Sorry that it’s only in a few hours, I just have nothing to do so I thought: why not see if anyone else wants to fly into an old airport with a very hard approach 😂

Rules: Be respectful and kind, on approach into Kai Tak please be extra vigilant and careful due to the turn on short final

Disclaimer: I am not responsible for any ghosts or violations during the flight.

No gate assignments, please just spawn near other aircraft so I can get some good shots.

You are only allowed to post within 3 hours of the event anyway. Great event, I would love to fly the Condor DC10 into KaiTak, but unfortunately I can’t attend.

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I’ll probably postpone it a few hours anyway

For me the departure time is too early

For me it’s too late. Midnight here in the UK

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I would love to attend if you postpone the departure time by 2 and 30min

I’ve postponed by a bit more than that 🤣

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It is now noon the next day

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Well than you will have to close this topic. You are only allowed to post within 3 hours of the event.

lol @FlyCymru101

I’ll attend in a Lufthansa 747 if possible

You’ll have to get this one closed and create a new thread three hours before departure.

Just flagged for moderating, first group flight ;)

The airport will probably change so I can get more aircraft variety, apply in the thread tomorrow:)