[Postponed] Airfield Move with the Cobras @ KNKX - 050100ZFEB17

Server: Casual

Region: Socal

Airport: KNKX to KTOA

Time: 0100Z

Aircraft: anything that can keep up with an F-14 at cruise

The Cobras have been flying in and out of KNKX(Miramar MCAS) for as long as I can remember. But it has its problems. The taxi time can be a bit much for scrambling, and it seems a bit out of the loop in SoCal. So we decided to move to the quaint KTOA. It serves our needs with one 5000 foot runway for main ops and one 3000 foot runway for training flights. The field is named after Louis Zamperini, the B-24 navigator who’s story is told in the book and movie, Unbroken. Feel free to tag along with our guys as we fly from KNKX to KTOA. We expect to take off, fly a few patterns around Miramar to say goodbye, and then fly over to Zamp field. Once at KTOA, the non cobras members can land and taxi to the parking area, while the Cobras flight will do a low pass to break in the new field. As allows, leave a comment if you are coming, or PM me to join the Cobras.

Make sure you fit your event with the guidelines linked. (Title)

In the process of editing it right now. I clicked published too soon RIP

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Just a clarification on the time and date, this is Sunday the 5th in Zulu time, although for those of you in America, it is Saturday the 4th

Ah, how I love Unbroken and the story it tells. As an avgeek and long-distance runner, I can’t help it…
Sounds like a great event! I’ll try to be there.

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Event is tomorrow night. Looking forward to it

Postponed. Something came up in personal life I have to deal with

Well that event was a flop… See you on the postponed time!

Sorry. It was very last minute. I’m looking at Monday night possibly. I’ll keep everyone updated. Sorry again

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