(PostPoned)16APR22 / 0400Z-0430Z - Hello Mumbai @VABB

Can I have this one? Jet Airways Airbus A330-300
to Dubai.πŸ˜‰
Callsign shall be :- Etihad002VA

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Thank You :)


Your flights have been booked

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somethings wrong… i can feel it

can i take this gate?

Haha I chose that one because I flew on this flight a few years ago. as for you gate it has been booked thank you for joining

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Hey can I fly the rout to new york with the 777 with delta as they used to fly it in 2006

You have Been added. Thank you for joining

Air India doesn’t have A318 so you can do A320/321.πŸ˜‰

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so do you want to do Mumbai-hydarbad-london or Mumbai-hydrabad and then Mumbai to London

Daily Bump. If you are from eastern europe or Africa this is perfect for a short haul with indigo. Sign up now

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Actually I’m sorry but you have to spawn in at 9:30 the extra times is to make q flight plane and taxi. if you want you can fly in from Hyderabad and then fly to London

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Bump again. this event is perfect for a short hop.

Can I have this route but with the A350 please?

Hey could I please have that flight?

Bumb before I go to sleep. hope to see some sign ups in the morning

@KSM_King_Storm @Harrison_EGLL done

We are happy to be sponsored by @IndiGo_Virtual. All gates in T1 are open for them.

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Could I grab this slot please?

sure il add it in a bit

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Bump and a reminder to mark yes if your going

Would like this. I might change the flight since I want to follow VA featured routes.