(PostPoned)16APR22 / 0400Z-0430Z - Hello Mumbai @VABB

ok the gates should be fine as long as you spawn in the centre gate

Would love to join ✌

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BUMP now going to bump thrice daily

I suggest, not bumping, as it can clog the thread.

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I’ll do this please! I’ll park at the gate, refuel, and then make my way to Heathrow!

IndiGo Virtual is delighted to partner with @Fourthnebula919 for this event!
Pilots of IndiGo Virtual may take part in the event and claim exclusive flight time multipliers.

Go IndiGo!

Pilot Application | Website | Instagram | IFC Thread


Thank You. Proud to be Partners

@modernaviator Done

V06|VOHS|A320|AIR INDIA requesting


@Anzaf_Usmani1 done

Bump, All pilots for indigo virtual will get a exclusive flight time multiplier.

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I’ll take this one.

Will be flying for IndiGo Virtual :)

Can I take this gate to Hyderabad, 6EVA089

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Done, good to see some signups in T1 also amazing to have 6EVA ceo with us

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Can I have this Please, there’s a small chance that I can’t make it.

@Usalypd Done, if for any reson you can’t attend let me know

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Bump. just a reminder to click yes if you’re joining

Sorry, but I won’t take a part in this event(

cargo any cargo Taipei RCTP china airlines (747)


can i get this gate

I would like to book this gate for this route. Will be flying for 6EVA!!!