(PostPoned)16APR22 / 0400Z-0430Z - Hello Mumbai @VABB

Welcome to Mumbai. The most populated city in India and one of the most famous. Mumbai Has a airport to match its population, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport handles 50 airlines from 32 countries. You can read more about it below.

-Event Info

The event goes on for 30 Min. This is to allow for all aircraft to take off within the time span. This is the time in your local zone
2022-04-09T04:00:00Z2022-04-09T04:30:00Z Please join only if you can attend.

We are sponsored by Indigo virtual. all pilots of indigo virtual can avail exclusive flight time multipliers Sign up below

Pilot Application | Website | Instagram | IFC Thread


If you are attending please click yes on the event calendar.


-Terminal 1 Gates

Terminal Gate Destination ICAO Airline Aircraft Pilot
1 A12 Banglore VOBL Indigo A320 @Sierra_Golf
1 A11 Chennai VOMM indigo A320 6EVA
1 A10 Hydrabad VOHS Indigo A320 @hari.shreyas
1 A9 Delhi VIDP Indigo A320 @canton
1 A8 Lucknow VILK Indigo A320 6EVA
1 A7 Cochin VOCI Indigo A320 6EVA
1 A6 Ahmedabad VAAH Indigo A320 @Viksit_Arora
1 A5 Patna VEPT Indigo A320 @aditya_srivastva
1 A4 Bopal VABP Indigo A320 6EVA
1 A3 Jaipur VEPT Indigo A320 6EVA
1 A2 goa VOGO Indigo A320 6EVA
1 A1 pune VAPO Indigo A320 @Omkar_Rathi
1 C20 Kolkata VECC Indigo A320 6EVA
1 C19 Chandigarh VIGC Indigo A320 6EVA
1 C18 Dheradun VIDN Indigo A320 6EVA

-Terminal 2 Gates

Terminal Gate Destination Icao Airline Aircraft Pilot
2 V06 Hydrabad VOHS Air india A320 @Anzaf_Usmani1
2 V04 Delhi VIDP Air india 787 @BT_HANDLES
2 V05 Ahmedabad VAAH Air india A321
2 V032 Banglore VOBL Air india A320 @Abhijit_Sharma
2 V031 Lucknow VILK Air india A320
2 V030 Cochin VOCI Air India 787 @Captain_Dreamliner
2 V029 Chennai VOMM Jet airways 737
2 V028 Coimbatore VOCB Jet airways 737
2 V027 Leh VILH Jet airways 737 Jet
2 V026 Leh VILH Spice Jet 737
2 V025 Bopal VABP Spice Jet 737
2 V024 Patna VEPT Spice Jet Dash 8
2 V023 Jaipur VIJP Spice Jet Dash 8
2 V022 Hydrabad-london via Mumbai BA 777 @modernaviator
2 V07 Frankfurt EDDF Lufthansa 747 @LongHaulGuy
2 V08 Paris LFPG Air france A350 @Harrison_EGLL
2 V09 Brussels EBBR jet airways A330 @Usalypd
2 V010 Moscow UUEE Aeroflot a350 @BelugaXWB
2 V011 Dubai OMBD Emirates 777 @aditya_srivastva
2 V012 Frankfurt EDDF Lufthansa 747 @KSM_King_Storm
2 V013 Amsterdam EHAM KLM 777 @Avaitor
2 V014 Singapore WSSS SIA a350 @Mayank_Pawar
2 V015 New york KLAX Delta 777 @Spark-1908
2 V016 Los Angeles KLAX American 777
2 V017 Sydney YSSY Qantas 787 @PocketRishi
2 V018 Addis Abba HAAB Ethiopian 777
2 V019 Captown FACT Jet airways 777
2 V020 Dubai OMBD Jet Airways A330
2 V021 Tokyo RJTT ANA 787 @Rifz


Terminal Gate Destination Icao Airline Aircraft Pilot
cargo any cargo Taipei RCTP china airlines 747* @Santiago_Chile_SCEL
cargo any cargo dubai OMBD Emirates sky cargo 777 f

Use The passenger version of the china airlines 747


ATC Controler
Ground @Rohann
Tower @Rohann
ATIS @Rohann


  • Follow All ATC instrutions
  • Please spawn in your gate only
  • Spawn in at the start of the event
  • Push back 10 minutes before departure
  • I am not responsible for any violations you receive
  • most importantly, have fun

@RadarVectors_Mumbai @Rohann are you Interested

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If you want you can alter these routes slightly

Requesting this gate please,

Can i instead get a change to Air India B788?


Sure. Thank You for joining

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Great! Thank You…

No need to be mean, just constructive…

  1. The ICAO in the title should be VABB

This shoukd be Aeroflot

This should be EDDF.

No harm in this just trying to help out lol, great event man.

Thank you and no offence taken

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Also, could I take this gate please?

Your gate has Been Booked. Thank you for joining

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will take this

sure why not ❤️❤️❤️

Ok will add you

I have added you for ATIS too

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@Fourthnebula919 can i get the gate V011 emirate 777 to dubai

@Fourthnebula919 Can I get the gate V04 Air India 787 to Delhi

@Fourthnebula919 why haven’t you added any tags? and the event is supposed to be one month later and less as per Events Category Rules.

Hello! I will take this one!


This seems like a great event. My home airport too!

However you’re only allowed to post an event in advance of 30 days. So if you want to have it on 9 April, you’ll have to wait three more days before posting, or change the event date to April 6, 2022.

Also it’s compulsory for you to add a tag for the server that you’re hosting it on (Casual, Training or Expert). Plus it’s highly recommended to add tags to your event so it gets noticed more.

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We’ll cut some slack on this since it’s only 2 days difference, but be aware of this for the future @Fourthnebula919 :)