Posting warbirds on RWA Spotting.

Is it allowed to post museum aircraft photos on RWA Spotting? I mostly have WWII photos of American, British and German aircrafts, but also of post-WWII aircrafts.

Fine by me if you took the photos

Yes, just don’t break the Spotting Guidelines and you should be good to go.

They are from a museum, is it still fine for me to post them? The German aicraft have the swasktikas.

Haha it’s fine go ahead ((:

Is there a limit for the number of photos in the topic?

Don’t spam with loads haha. I tend to say 4 or 5 max

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I have lots of photos though. Maybe ten per topic? To avoid clogging up the forum, I’d post on a weekly basis.

Post 4 or 5 in the actual topic then add the other 5 in a comment.

Not very practical. Better 5 pictures on a weekly topic.

If you have more put them on flickr or something

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And I don’t mind more than 4/5, but I just don’t want people spamming the forum with 20 pretty bad photos from their PG flight

Only one aircraft per topic according to the Spotting Guidelines.

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And I got an attention call and Carson merged them all in one single topic.

They’re aircraft so why not. Variety is good from the jumbles of topics that feature commercial airliners