Posting the NOTAM and FPL for the FNFs and TTs in the sim

I’m not aware of how feasible this could be, but here is a possible idea:

Is it possible to post the NOTAM and FPL for the FNF and TT events in a tab in the “Pause” menu display? Quite frustrating to alternate between my screenshot of the FPL in Photos then switching back to IF and punching in the FPL, then switching to photos again, etc. Then an app may restart (without me instructing it to do so) and I have to restart the process. In addition, having the altitude and speed restrictions posted in an easy-to-access way would be useful for me in case I forget the info whilst setting the A/P. Could possibly reduce the number of offenders that may be violating the NOTAM due to some memory error. If everything is localized and easy to access in one app, that would make it very convenient for folks who only have their mobile device on hand.

Another way solution could be spawning a dummy airplane at a remote part of the airfield with the FPL posted. Then, we could simply copy it into our own maps. Saves a gate dwell time issue and the localization of info issue.

Recent FNFs that don’t have such structured rules and flights have been quite enjoyable since it’s a simple spawn and fly.


Great idea! People could finally listen, there could also be a tab which asks people if you have fully read and understood the instructions and that you are subject to ghosting if you do not listen.

Yes please!

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