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Hi. Newer pilot here. I’m trying to upvote and/or comment on an item on the Features board, but I cannot figure out where to either vote or comment? Specifically, I’m heavily in favor of taxi lights both on the aircraft AND blue ones on the taxiways. Taxiing at night is a nightmare, especially at foreign airports. When we turn on the lights button, below the seat belts and no smoking buttons, it should illuminate the taxiways and runways. Thanks!


Hello, if you want to vote you can do so in the #features category when you are TL1. Also, it is not possible to individually up/downvote a post.

However, the reason that you cannot vote is because of this: You are TL0.

Thanks @Thomas_G for table

All you have to do is be active, like and post and you will get there in no time 😀
Hope this helps


Welcome! You may want to read this thread to know everything about Trust Levels and a starting guide on how to use the Community Forum. Enjoy the time with us! 👇

But don’t forget to drop a vote here!


Remember the magic word: “keep”…

Keep reading, liking, writing, sleeping, watching, playing, listening, working etc.

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Thanks all for the advice! I’ll “keep” active, as mentioned. In the meantime, please keep in mind my suggestion for lighting from aircraft in the dark. It’s so challenging to navigate taxiways and parking ramps at night without illumination, but I also like the fun of navigating in the nighttime scenery (i.e., I’d rather not ‘fake’ by changing the time of day…it’d be more fun to have illumination from the aircraft’s lighting [landing lights] to the immediate surroundings as in real life!). I think blue taxiway lights would be a good secondary feature, but not as helpful since there’d be nothing leading from the ramp/parking to the taxiway…and that initial period can be rough especially at new airports. Thanks!!

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OK, thanks. Glad we helped you. You are now a basic user TL1 so you have 5 votes. 😀

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@Ondrej Thanks again. Just used a few of my votes!

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