Posting pictures

Hello ifc :)
I was jut wondering how to share picture on the #screenshots-and-videos category.
Phone info: samsung galaxy a32 5g

Thank you for youre help.
P.s. also if you could help make me a coustom name and profile pic that would be awesome, thanks.

Hello there and welcome to the community.

When it comes to sharing pictures in the #screenshots-and-videos category, you’re going to need to upload these images onto the IFC. Depending on what device you are on, the process will differ slightly, nonetheless, the concept is still the same, so I doubt you’ll have too much trouble with that.

Taking pictures to share on the IFC should also be a fairly simple process. You’ll want to take screenshots in Infinite Flight, and maybe edit them so that they look better. However, it is important to note that editing these images does not mean that you are allowed to photoshop features that have yet to come to Infinite Flight. The link below has everything you need to know when it comes to posting in the #screenshots-and-videos category.

As for changing your username to a custom name, you’re going to need to contact the moderators through @moderators. Do keep in mind that you are only allowed to change your username once, so choose wisely.

Changing your profile picture will however require you to go to your account Preferences → Account → Profile Picture, then upload whatever you wish to upload.

Let me know if you have any questions, and once again, welcome to the IFC.


How do i contact a mod

Would this help.

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