Posting in the RWA-Spotting Category

Hi guys,

I was in the process of making a post, and then I had to stop and research something - is there a way (and is it permitted) to post a Real-World Aviation video to the IFC? I was looking through all of the rules, and I didn’t see anything on the matter.




Yes, you can post videos there, just upload the video to YT and paste the link. Make sure to fill the appropriate sections to avoid a post deletion.


Of course, if it’s a spotting video (or possibly a flight review), it belongs in the Spotting category.

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What if I don’t have a YT account, and my parents are against me having one? Is there like a website or something else other than YT that I could post it to?

You can upload it to Vimeo, but I doubt it’ll get views. Also, you need a YT account to like videos, so you more than likely created one in the past.

That’s fine, I don’t really care about views.

Oh yeah, I’d forgotten about that. I do have one, but haven’t posted anything to it…

…because of this. Is there not a way to just create a multimedia video and then generate a link for it, without POSTING it somewhere in addition to the IFC?

I don’t think so, you need to upload a video to generate and then share the link to it.

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Okay, then I will look into doing so. Thank you for your help!