Posting in #Features

Hello to everyone im new in the community.
I have some cuestions but this one is real important
Why i cant post a suggestion in the features section??

You need to be TL2 to post that don’t worry read some topics reply give some likes and in no time you be there

You are currently TL0, you need to be TL2 or Memeber to post in the #features category. Trust levels are built so people don’t immediately join and create tons of topics in all categories that have little to no value. So you can gain experience here is to why trust levels are here.


Welcome to the community. We appreciate your post today, but in order to post in the #live:va, #live:events, #features and #real-world-aviation categories, you must be trust level 2 (TL2).

Keep reading, posting, liking, and following the guidelines and you’ll get there in no time! Also, be sure to search for any similar existing posts before making your own, in order to avoid making a duplicate topic.

Below is some information regarding trust levels and the how this forum works - we ask that you please take a look over and understand these posts. Don’t hesitate to message a moderator if you have any questions. Thanks!


As your comrades said, keep reading and liking posts. Post constructively and maintain a positive attitude and you’ll fit right in. Glad to have you here! Cheers