Posting images from mobile?

I can’t seem to post a picture from my phone (OnePlus One/Android 5.0.2), unless I upload it elsewhere and embed it in markdown.

If there was an option to upload in the toolbar, then we’d see much more image contributions from users.

(I can, however, edit this post) :)


I got an unable due to new user response when i tried.

Drag or paste an image to upload it

Can’t really do that here

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Wait, found the problem. I was using the “full site”, which is near identical to mobile, but responsive. I can now upload, but like @Skyymiles I don’t have permission…

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new users (trust level 0) can’t attach files. Trust level 1 can attach images. You only need to start replying to topics and view a few posts to earn trust lvl 1.
Not sure if there is a faq somewhere that explain the permissions.

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reply - hopefully driving up trust levels.
Going to reply many Times repeatedly.

Trying to get used to Samsung keyboard. Sorry for odd capitalisation.

Reply 2 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


I think the “new users are unable to upload photos” response you recieve when uploading pictures as a new user is pretty self explanatory. The question is, how many does it take to reach level 1? 10 Maybe? Same as XDA or similar tech forums.

Hit a daily limit on reply limits. Said wait 16secs and retre. Are posts limited?

@Nik yes, there are limits, but those are all configurable. Since this forum is pretty dynamic, this is to limit spamming.

We can tweak all of this easily though.

Lol, ok found it. 5 Posts, read 30 topics, or spend 10 minutes total viewing the site apparently makes you a “basic” user.

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Can I just copy and paste a photo in a message?

In theory, there should be an “upload” button in the lower right corner. I don’t think you can copy and paste @Howard_Bloom

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I tried embedding an image into one of my posts. I’ve earned the “Basic” badge so I’m assuming I’m trust level 1? The forum still tells me that new users cannot embed images. Image was a .jpg

Just testing if I can upload a picture… 😁

// Yes I can! :smile:

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