Posting group flights

Why can’t I post any group flight I posted once and it got unlisted due to the format, I fixed it on a new post but it still isn’t working. What is the problem?

Link please?

What happens when you try to post?
What exactly isn’t working?
Are you getting an error message?

Hello, Its normal because you are new in the Forum, so Welcome :)
Im leaving you a guide for new users like you…

Also you wanna check this out If the case you want to do a group flight:

Also I invite to check other posts of #live:groupflights so you can get a Idea.

Have a good one mate.

The post was unlisted as you posted your group flight 2 days ago and had it take place today, violating the 3 hour rule. It looks like you tried to edit the unlisted post, but should create a new one instead in #live:groupflights. Be sure to follow the category guidelines this time.

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