Posting Anniversary’s

Hello IFC lately I’ve noticed a bit of an increase in people posting about there IFC anniversary which is cool and all but putting it bluntly I don’t think anyone really cares.

I know this sounds a bit rude so let me explain I think it doesn’t bother anybody how long you’ve been on the community for, I’ve been here for almost 4 years and each year I don’t post a topic thanking everyone in the community and making everyone forced to see my anniversary.

I think if you want to thank everyone find some other way like shoot people a dm thanking them for there support or helping you along the way because I’m sure they’ll enjoy it far more than a pointless topic.

But however Congratulations on your IFC anniversary’s everyone and let’s try keep a clear Meta category for important things.



I 100% agree with you


I certainly agree. Yes, it may be a special moment to some members, but at the same time… it’s really not necessary to post it on the forum.

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Thanks for your opinion. We are aware and will monitor and handle it as needed.

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