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Hey everyone. My name is Mattheus and I want to offer you, yes you, a critical service. VAs, IF Youtubers, and other IF Gamers need many things to stay afloat, a logo, Banner, videos/photos, and graphics just to name a few. Well, I am here to help you with making a poster/graphic. Below is some of my work.

Both were made for Nonstop Virtual by me.
Made for @Latvia.
This service will be free of charge, I just need a few things from you.

  1. Your logo or a graphic of your name/Logo.
  2. A Picture of one of your aircraft either taking off, landing, or just flying.
  3. (Optional) A slogan or motto of your airline. (I can also make one if needed)
  4. (Optional) If doing a profile picture, please tell me what font you would like unless you have a graphic to use for it.

You can also use this service if you need media posts made. I also have the means to edit your picture as well as make your logo a transparent background.

How to Order

If you want to order one of my products or service, please fill out this forum below.

Finally, I hope you will enjoy this service, I will have fun fulfilling your orders.


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I personally feel like this should be in #general because maybe some of his projects will not involve Infinite Flight. This is just like @Artem_F’s Infinite Airlines.


I can move it to general. I was unsure what category to put it in.

Can I order one as my Profile Pic?

Please look at the ordering forum. It is under the ordering dropdown at the bottom.

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Thanks, just found it

Hang on, what’s the point of the logo/graphic question? I thought that was what you were making!
Is that meant to be there?

Yes, it is just so that I can get a feel for what they need.

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Love my new profile pic!

Thanks, it means a lot.

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Great idea!!!


Thank you!

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Can you make me a poster and a profile picture please

Please fill out the ordering forum underneath the ordering dropdown.

Just bumping this because it’s a great service😀

Thanks for the bump.

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