Posted on accident. Sorry :(

This was a test, posted this on accident, sorry about that.
For some reason I can’t delete it?


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Welcome to the Infinite Flight Community

General Forum Guidelines

Umm, dude. Can you actually READ the topic? It wasn’t anything about a full event, it was on accident.


Well, can you read the edit list?? (Sorry for the unintentional sass, haha)

Obviously, @Plane-Train-TV was only trying to help the post was only edited after the person accidentally edited it. Simple misunderstanding and a quite look at the history solves it all.

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Flag it if possible and you can ask one of the mods to remove it

I already flagged it. Thank you though.

Guys no need get upset when some one tried to give information about how to use IFC, just message them privately.

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Thank You @RotorGuy

Nobodies getting upset. Just a misunderstanding.

It’s a simple fact that PTTV posted that before the OP edited the post to put a notice that it was an accident.

PTTV is plane-train-TV, but what is OP? Sorry, just wondering.

OP is the original poster; you.

No need to fuss overthis, just a simple mistake :)

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OK, Thanks :)