Post your vertical takeoff pics here

Since the release of the new 787 Dreamliner vertical takeoffs are even more fun… post some of your best vertical takeoff shots here.

Here are some of mine


There has definitely been a topic about this already. And it was closed because people were supposed to post them in the Best IF photos topic.

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I just fly normally, not a big fan of ‘stunt’ flying in an airliner. :)


It’s a little fun testing out the aircraft’s capabilities though.

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I believe that the other one was closed as the mods wanted to stop an argument between 2 users

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Not a vertical takeoff… still looks cool though!

777-200F FedEx livery.

Originally posted here: Vertical Ascent in the 777-200F, PIC
Sorry for any rule or etiquette violations.



Love breaking the wings off this baby


The first two pics that you posted look like they are merging togethe. That’s cool.

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Nice pics by the way

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Nice pics!👍🏼

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