*POST YOUR SCREENSHOTS* Turbulent Tuesday - Queen of the Skies! (Screenshots)


Today, Tuesday, the day of Turbulent Tuesday, I have taken some screenshots of the BA Boeing 737-400 (AKA Queen of the skies) and the Qatar Airbus A380-800.

Feel free to post your screenshots of flights from today! :)

Credit to:
Charlie Bentley
Tyler Foster
and Janette Ferrer for tagging along with me today!

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The A380 is and will never be any “queen” or “king” of the skies. The aircraft is nicknamed the “whalejet” for a reason.

The A380 is an impressive piece of technology, no doubt, but it is by no means a queen or king. It’s more of an aunt.


I know. I did edit the post to say that the BA 747 is the queen of the skies. Kind of misleading, my bad! 😳

It seems better to post screenshot from an event in the original event topic instead of creating a new topic, no?


which airport are these screen shot…really nice

Taken at KSWF. 😀

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