Post Your Longest Flight Scores

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Challenge accepted.

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1 hour and 45 minutes doing a circle around the Southern California region in an Air France a380. I took off at LAX, acted as if I was heading to Paris CDG, then did a circle around the region, and then approached as if I was coming from CDG.

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I think that I would go insane.


I did a 1hr run from WSSS to WMKK in a 208.

I did touch and goes at all the airports in between :)

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Don’t have a picture but flying time was 55 min. Was during IFAU opening event.

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Bruh it’s too typical.

ETA between WSSS and WMKK is always 45 min to 1 hour

And I landed 20-30 minutes later than you guys:)

3hrs flight…for now!

Circled the northern part of the New York region… in about 1 hour 35 minutes.

Sometimes do a ‘Long Haul’ out of Sydney…flying around the region and landing again at Sydney ( EGLL same sometimes) this takes about an hour depending on traffic and ATC. find about an hour on IF is about the right length of time, able to get up to a decent cruise of 32-36k Ft and also have a decent descent and approach as well.

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Prepare for longer flights now that global has been confirmed

Nothing beats the real longest flight on the SIA A345 :D


Technically my longest stopping flight is 2 hours

One hour and a half (:

@gisinnikita had biggest score for just landing

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Longest flight on solo… oponion would be @live
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Around 1 hour 15 minutes. I earned 1,000+ XP!!

4.2 Hours, Cessna 172 with no weight and full flap diagonally across Chicago region.


Jeez sounds boring

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