Post your favorite nice-engine-sound video :)

Hello guys,

If you have seen or own a video where we can hear a nice “roarrrr” on P&W, IAE, CFM etc… engines, you are welcome to share it here :)

Here is one video that i have find in YouTube, let me share this incredible engine sound with us:

Please choose only onboard video if able :) (the video that i share is a perfect example =D)

sorry if duplicate, can’t find a topic like this


Aarghh… I get a headache of this. 😂

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'You want see the video in the post
Dont type after the link. Put Enter


See I don’t really see any beauty in airplane sounds. Just like any bad boyfriend, for me it’s all about the looks.

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Can I post a video of a Bf 109G engine start up? The sound of the DB605 is amazing.

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Yes you can

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Such an awesome sound.

This might be off topic but oh well I like the sound of the v8 engine

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