Post your elevation profile!

Anyone with access to kml files?

Post your elevation profiles for users to get an idea on climb characteristics.
Here’s mine from the informal NY/Expert gathering earlier today!

Aircraft: CCX
Load Factor: 10%
Cruise Speed: M.86


Don’t have LiveFlightHorizon :(


Me either 😆

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How does one extract this from the .kml file?

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Considering the CCX has a cruising altitude of 51,000, you’ve gone above and beyond! One of these days zbelle…one of these days…bang! Zoom! Straight to the moon! 😝

Back on course…I also don’t have Horizon access…yet. I’ll have something for you in 2 days 😉


I’ve taken that one way beyond FL600 (FL900), but the air needs to be very close to still in order to maintain level flight.

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As promised @zbelle . My last flight from Tijuana to LAX

Comparing my profile to yours, it’s seems you may need to work on time management vs rate of descent for landing 😉
If you look carefully at my descent, I go from FL300 to 10,000ft and level off. (Usually will level off at FL200, however I calcuted my flight level to my waypoint perfectly so I descending past it to 10K). Then to 8,000ft and levelled for a bit before descending to 3,000ft and then to landing. You can make it easy on yourself and work on 1,000ft per 10 minutes, just keep a close eye on your map and distance to your destination.

That would have been a much more comfortable descent for your passengers :)


Try this one on for size!

Aircraft: CCX
Load Factor: 25%
Cruise Speed: M.86

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Here’s a new one.

Long flight this time.


SEA-YYC (Gliding)

TOD: FL790
Max Cruise: M3.31 / 1917kt
Avg Speed: M1.32 / 792kt

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