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Attention community,

With people always finding ways to complain about Infinite Flight i wanted to create a place where people can come and post or read what is great about this truly great game. The main point of this thread is to cheer people up if theyre feeling angry or annoyed at the game. So im gonna start with one of my friendliest experiences in Infinite Flight which inspired me to make this thread.
This occurred on 10/22/16 at around 1200Z at WIDD on TS1. I was doing a group flight with three other pilots and we were all in citation X’s with generic livery. So all three of us spawned in and by some fluke a pilot in a dash 8 spawned in next to us. We all started taxiing as per usual with the dash 8 in between us (this was not intended). The dash 8 must have then realized what was happening and decided he was going to be a nice person about it. He stopped and did a full loop of the taxiway to allow is to take off together. Not only did this pilot have the brains to figure out we were flying together but he also did something about it which really impressed me. So shoutout to this guy:

So please NO NEGATIVITY allowed here.

P.S I don’t think this is a duplicate but if it is sorry


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