Post Titles Should Provide Information About the Topic

This may seem trite, but take a look down the line of topics and you’ll see 10 threads all titled “Problem” or “Question” or something similarly useless.

While this may seem as if it’s just an OCD thing on my part, it actually does have adverse effects down the line.

But, mostly, “Question???” and “Help” as post titles don’t give any indication as to what the Topic is about; it doesn’t stand out to those who would perhaps have a specific knowledge about the issue [e.g. maybe someone is an airport editor, so a title about an airport layout error would grab their attention, whereas “Not Right” just fades into the mishmash of 15 other similarly-uselessly-titled threads]; you’re just hoping that those who can assist will open every thread to see what it’s about rather than specifically targeting them.

“Question” offers nothing. It limits your audience to those who read every thread, whereas a title which specifically describes your issue or question has the potential to attract an audience of those who may hold special knowledge on the subject. One just today, was titled simply “Question”, but the content was about how pilots in the community financed receiving their license. Obviously, if you truly want to grab the attention of those real-world pilots, a title which doesn’t provide even a hint that their expertise is needed isn’t going to be as effective as indicating what the question is in the title [briefly; it should not be your entire first paragraph].

Apart from providing no up-front information, it has adverse effects further on in the life cycle, as well. Anyone with a similar issue may have trouble finding your thread via search [who searches for “Problem?”] later on, leading to the creation of 5 different threads all describing the same issue.

Front end: no stimulus for those that would benefit from some up-front information.

Back End: Endless duplicate creation because past thread titles are simply useless in any search or similar thread warning.

This is such a basic concept. I honestly don’t even fully comprehend why anyone wouldn’t just innately gravitate to titling their post something meaningful; that’s kind of 3rd Grade language class. But, here we are, nonetheless.

BTW, the statement “I have a question” is not, itself, a question, and thus should not be followed by a question mark. Question marks follow sentences which are themselves questions, not the word “question”, and there is never a correct time to use more than one punctuation mark. “???” Is not some form of expressing urgency or whatever it is that people think it accomplishes. It’s a grammatical error that no one older than six should think appropriate.


I also would like to add, when I see support topics that are going in circles if I remember a previous and similar post, I try to search for that previous post, which I know existed, but I can’t remember the title. I search something along the lines of the issue, but if the title is ‘Help plz’ ‘Question?’ ‘Bug’ or whatever I’ll never find that previous post which would have resulted in an obvious answer.
I do 100% agree with you. I personally will be taking the time to correctly change the title now.


While this is something all forum members should strive to achieve, titles are editable, and if the original poster doesn’t give a reasonable title, a Regular or Mod can change it.


And I do that quite often, but that simply feeds into another underlying mindset, which is just doing the bare minimum with the expectation that others will simply take care of the heavy lifting for you.

Be it changing the title for you, answering questions easily answered elsewhere if one would simply take a little time to look, providing next to no information in a support post until it is dragged out over th e course of five posts.

Yes, I, as a regular, can make someone’s post meaningful, but that simply rewards what seems to be a growing reliance on everyone else to do all of one’s legwork.

To your counter argument sure to follow: Yes, indeed, this is a community. We are here to help each other out. I don’t have an issue handing someone the milk for their cereal, but it seems that lately, there’s a mindset that we should all also be holding the spoon for them as well. If you want assistance, you should at least put in a little bit of effort.

[I know this makes me sound like a curmudgeon, but it’s not my intent. I’ve had questions in the past. People have helped me out. I don’t mind paying it forward. *Unless* the person requesting aid demonstrates absolutely no initiative in figuring out what they can on their own or helping their own cause a bit.]


Great topic - I made one like this recently - check it out,

But I fully agree - it’s not very helpful with poor titles…

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Yea they sound like winey kids who don’t get a lolliepop or the wrong flavour. I get annoyed by reading some of them.

Thanks man for the advice

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Yep, deleting it.
Sorry about that.

I couldn’t agree more with this topic.

Great post @Tim_B. Members of the forum should definitely learn to post useful topics with useful titles since that is the only thing others see and get attracted towards. It’s a real pain for Regulars like me to edit almost every #support topic title in the forum to make work easier for Moderators and other Support Staff.

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