Post Some Real Life Plane Pics Here! ✈️


This is a topic where you can share your real life plane pics, or share an event that is happening at an airport near you!

Post Your Plane Photos Here Part 3

Well for starters my background profile photo is the terminal at HYA-Handful of Cape Air Cessna 402Cs. My profile photo is also from HYA-An Island Air Cessna 402C.

I’ve got a bunch of photos that I’d be willing to post here but I don’t have them on hand I’ll get them later

I always forget to add on my salutation at the end of each reply I make god dammit…

Best, Boeing707


WN Boeing 733 @ TPA

Crap-ton of Delta planes. 3 liveries included

Island Air Cessna 208B Grand Caravan, Cape Air Cessna 402C

Douglas DC-3 at Marston Mills Airfield, Cape Cod

WestJet Boeing 736, B6 A320, others

Boy I miss the old NK livery :(

Sunrise at HYA (My full profile photo)

Cape Air and Island Air Cessna 402Cs

I’ll start digging bit by bit into iPhoto to get even more. That’s just the notable stuff saved on my desktop :)

Best, Boeing707

EDIT: Sorry the quality of some of the later ones is worse because I took screenshots of the original photo from iPhoto-I was considering posting them on or but never got around to that


Infinite number of C-130s


So here is a night landing I filmed with my IPhone it is pretty sweet because it’s at sunset.


Here is three.

More when I clean up my pictures on my hard drive and sort them.



Here are a couple more:


Tons of terrific stuff here!

I don’t fly a ton (Once or rarely twice a year-Hope to change that very soon) so I have a long and embarrassing list of stuff I haven’t spotted.

For example, it took until last year to spot (As in get a photo of) a 787 and @Captain_Damian I finally found a LOT 788 at JFK earlier this year. Looks great!

@Danman Love the AS 737s. I am very embarrassed to say that I finally spotted my first AS plane ever at BOS last month… And I’m in the northeast.

Here are some more photos that I have easily available:

In flight on an AA Airbus A321-200. Terrific seats (JFK-MIA)


I’ll make a new post to put up new ones. The typing is lagging because the post is too big??

Best, Boeing707


Eastern Airlines Boeing 737-800 (Sorry I had to zoom a lot)

More tomorrow

Best, Boeing707


Glad you like the pictures. I don’t travel often either, I just make the most out of whatever planespotting expedition every time. Here is a few more.

  1. Abstract de-ice shot
  2. Cloud Layers
  3. My wallpaper, N661US. The first 747-400 made
  4. High over the pacific ocean
  5. Line of A320s

I do recommend using picture #4 as a wallpaper.


@Boeing707 I was lucky enough to fly on the bird! Shes very smooth! I flew from WAW to YYZ. I’m glad you enjoyed the photo. Heres some more! :smile:


Over Greenland with a Rolls Royce Trent 1000 ^.^


Greats Photos Guys! I’m uploading my photos from my camera to my computer, so expect photos from me soon!



AA Boeing 737-800

Some Convair CVs

Is there a chance of increasing the photo upload size? I have a QR 77L and 747 Dreamlifter in one shot and I’m proud of it.

It was an 11 hr. delay but some of the photos I got as a result of the wait were so worth it :)

AA 752 I was to fly on went tech in SJO

Amazing RRs

Best, Boeing707


Emirates International Air Cargo Boeing 737-400, an old Boeing 737 Classic being scrapped, DHL A300(?) and TAM A320 being maintained

UM Air MD-82 being scrapped (Why they flew it to SJO to be scrapped is beyond me. There was an A320 being scrapped behind it)

Avianca Airbus A320-200 and COPA Embraer E-190

DL Boeing 757-200

AA 752, Avianca Airbus A321-200

UA Boeing 737-800

B6 Airbus A320-200

Copa Boeing 737-700

Best, Boeing707


de Havilland DHC-6-300 Twin Otter

US Airbus A320-200 when they were an airline


DHC-6-300 with floats

Best, Boeing707


Avianca ATR 72-600

US Airways Airbus A320-200

Iberia Airbus A340-600 lands!

Smoke remains

JetBlue Mint Airbus A321-200 undergoing maintenance

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Oneworld American Airlines Boeing 777-200ER


Best, Boeing707


Aer Lingus 747-100