Post Some Plane Photos Part 4


Wow, there are a lot of plane spotters here. Part 1-3 have over 100 replies, this is the fourth part, let us keep on plane spotting and enjoying ourselves with the glory of aviation, hopefully we can get some last few pictures of US Airways before they’re gone in October of this year. Spot On

Post Your Plane Photos Here Part 3

Already made part 4 … also, read what @dush19 wrote.




get out of the way!


I love my job!


Read the guidelines. Putting up pictures is not allowed.


Thanks for stopping us from burning our fingers ;)


Tenerife disaster waiting to happen. That is another reason to not post photos: we don’t want to see your runway incursions.


That is not what this is for though, why would people post runway incursions


But I’m working on a website for plane spotting


Sometime, write the link. There, it probably is fine, but here it is banned.


It’s going it be my website




Later today I’ll look into uploading some of my flickr links.

Long live the DC-9!


Photos Like that can go here, but you’ll need an account.


Already got US Airways:

Long live the DC-9!


If any of you guys could ID those military aircraft in the background I would really appreciate it. Thanks!

Note: I know one is a Martin RB-57.

Long live the DC-9!


Long live the DC-9!


If anyone could ID this, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!

Long live the DC-9!


Long live the DC-9!