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Good evening! I’d just like to know why an answer from me was erased saying it was just a photo of an A350 on the subject of this one … How do I know which moderator did it or why?


The photo was flagged by someone or multple people. This may be because it was deemed off topic.

A photo off topic? … Seriously? I put a picture of an A350 in the subject that speaks about this plane and it seems to be "off topic? I can not even know why? @Hamza.N

If it was a livery, then it is off topic. If you would like a livery to be added then create a livery request in #features

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The “system” being the agent of the PM means multiple people flagged it and it was automatically taken down. There isn’t human intervention before that point.

If you’d want to discuss with a mod, I would suggest doing it via PM.

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It was a photoshop image, which show the A350 in IF these all … Thanks to you both anyway I will inquire! Good evening guys @Hamza.N @Tim_B

Thats your reason. Photoshop topics are no longer allowed on IF.

Oh? Why ? Or is it written? @Key

From what I managed to see, the photo was from another sim, if I am not mistaken of course. Nevertheless, you can always PM a moderator or staff, in order to discuss anything regarding it, as already suggested by a fellow member.

There was a topic where people made their own airline via photoshop. It became mostly people criticizing others so it was taken down. If you want proof here it is.

It was a post that I saw on Instagram about a person who was doing great photoshop of Infinite Flight planes with the addition of smoking during the landing ect … In no case it came from another game. @Thomas_G

Here is the image in question that has been deleted.


Well it’s nothing! I shouaote you all a good evening 🤗🤗

If it’s not real plane I don’t think it’s good idea to post it. IF haven’t released A350 yet. You only creating unnecessary expectations or debate before it’s been put front of customers.