Post project metal - pre vulkan

So I know metal is before vulkan so once metal is done which is before vulkan will start will IF start implementing updates or will they wait for vulkan to be completed before implementing, if not what will happen to the online servers will 2 people on different running systems see different things will iOS see 3d clouds and more lights with android seeing nothing or have 2 separate servers.
@schyllberg @jasonrosewell sorry for @ ing but could one of you answer my question

Not going to be happy with that one


It’s worth understanding that the transition towards the likes of Vulkan is very gradual, with minor steps being taken along the road among both operating systems. This means that some aspects of Metal and Vulkan are already in place, as more of a performance-based improvement. (There’s a reason why we don’t speak of Project Vulkan, because that’s already part of Project Metal in itself)

It’s also worth understanding that Vulkan and Metal are not major graphics overhaul for the game, but rather the idea is to transition to using more efficient APIs that pave the way for more graphical improvements without sacrificing performance (reference: “This is a pretty complex task that requires a lot of engineering time and won’t result in any immediate visual benefit to the end-user.”).

You can’t necessarily make better graphics by switching to Metal or Vulkan on its own; you still have to develop that and make it work. Logically, creating those new features would not even be considered unless both systems are ready for such.


Thanks for telling me more about it because I thought that we would have 2 projects cause I think jason wrote in the original post/thread that we would have metal first due to most users on iOS

The intial iOS focus is true, however in terms of the end goal there won’t be much of a difference anyway. After all, as I said, Project Metal is mostly backend stuff you won’t necessarily see so the changes in user experience won’t be that big as there probably is still changes towards Vulkan in the present.

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Yeah I get it now but it would create a better or easier base for more updates like more lights maybe even tire smoke and since no date was mentioned and is mentioned we might see both together in a later time rather than one by one so thanks for clarifying everything

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